We could see this being a blockbuster film! pic.twitter.com/5etO5tmwQp

— Cooks Motors (@CooksMotors) February 22, 2020

Get the feeling of luxury without breaking the bank in our 2010 Volkswagen GTI! Visit our site to learn more about this car that has a black leather interior and heated windshield washer jets. pic.twitter.com/6zmfVuGsE1

— Cooks Motors (@CooksMotors) February 20, 2020

"You can know or not know how a car runs and still enjoy riding in a car." —David Byrne pic.twitter.com/1EjozdNSAP

— Cooks Motors (@CooksMotors) February 19, 2020

You better get out of the fast lane when you see this cat in your rear view mirror! pic.twitter.com/Bvn3Lx9DES

— Cooks Motors (@CooksMotors) February 18, 2020

Whether you're spending the day with friends, family, or that special someone, we hope that your day is filled with love! pic.twitter.com/cfOZzLaEhE

— Cooks Motors (@CooksMotors) February 14, 2020